Frequently Asked Questions

What is KATR?

KATR is pronounced "cater" as in "food cater" or "catering". One of the definitions of "cater" is "to supply what is required or desired". That's exactly what KATR is! KATR is a corporation who's goal is to provide low cost solutions in the form of general and custom software or web applications.

Where did the name "KATR" come from?

KATR is actually named for the founders children. The first two letters are the first and middle initials of one of the children. The last two letters are the first and middle initials of the other.

Why does KATR exist?

One of the objectives of KATR is to provide highly useful, high quality tools at a reasonable price. In this day and age so many tools seem incomplete, cost prohibitive, or subject to tyrannical licensing schemes that we decided to break from the pack and try something new.

How do I unsubscribe from KATR emailings?

Well, since KATR doesn't currently perform any email mailing list activities, there isn't currently an unsubscribe feature. Soon enough, however, the site users will be able to create accounts and perform additional activities. At that time, an unsubscribe mechanism will be provided. Additionally, any emails sent will contain clear instructions for unsubscribing.

I am having problems with XYZ product, where can I find help?

Visit the product page on this site. Each product has it's own set of web pages that contain additional information. Alternatively, when the search feature becomes available, you may use that as a tool as well.